Naomi Shuga

Former Miss Gay USofA Massachusetts 2018, and 4th Runner up for Miss Gay USofA 2018, as well as the winner of the Boston Drag Idol 2019, Qya Cristál is always looking forward to what new experiences and opportunities will come her way. Her musicianship, and live singing skills will blow you away, and are what make her brand of drag unique to the North Eastern Drag Community. She loves to share her passion for the arts of music, acting, and drag, whenever she can.

Because of the hardships of 2020, she is inspired now, more than ever, to continue to spread the message of love, peace, and acceptance of yourself, as well as to continue to show support for our LGBTQIA+ family. She is honored to be considered a shining example of the power of drag to create positive change and awareness of what our community can accomplish when we support and lift each other up!

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